Mandy Humphrey Zero Balancing

What happens during a session?

A session lasts up to an hour, with the bodywork lasting about 30-40 minutes.

The session starts with a brief chat about how you are physically and mentally, and if there is anything is particular you would like from the session.

After evaluating your upper and lower back and shoulders in sitting, you then lie on your back. The work is done through clothing, using a series of held stretches and gentle finger pressure with periods of pauses –the aim being to assist with balancing the body physically and energetically.

The experience encourages a state of peace and deep relaxation, during which the body and mind can relax.

At the end of the bodywork you may be encouraged to walk up and down the room to integrate the changes that have occurred and to ground yourself again.

It is often recommended that a person has three sessions to begin with over a 3 – 8 week period, and then decides with the practitioner the frequency that would best serve the client.

Zero Balancing is best experienced rather than described, so come and receive a session.

“A new approach to energy bodywork”