Mandy Humphrey Zero Balancing

How can Zero Balancing help you.

Zero Balancing is a way to help improve and maintain your health and personal development Zero Balancing can assist with:-

"I really look forward to a Zero Balancing session and how it makes me feel afterwards both physically and mentally. It's 30 minutes of calm for myself, unwinding time. Time to have those inner tensions gently unraveled, leaving me feeling refreshed, looked after and more ready to take on whatever the world throws at me. Ongoing aches and pains, little niggles, probably brought on by being too uptight while working at my desk or driving are relieved. The session is very gentle, yet at certain points there is an awareness that it is working on an area of tension, when it feels almost painful—but in a pleasant way. It is satisfying to feel that it is doing something without there being any fear that it will be too dramatic, too invasive or out of my control. I leave the session feeling like my body works better, more efficiently, that I am able to keep things mentally in perspective, that I am no longer internally fighting myself physically and mentally."